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The 4G Pro Listening Device is a professional-grade remote listening device with advanced features, 4G mobile network compatibility, and a powerful long-lasting battery.


 Small and Wireless - portable, easy to use and can listen remotely 

Uses a SIM Card - just call the device from anywhere in the world

Listen in - to the surrounding sounds using its built-in microphone

Security and Peace of mind – can be used to help ensure the safety and security of others

Ultra-clear sound pick up - leading audio quality for hearing everything

Fully rechargeable - compact size and lasts hours and hours, in extended mode lasts 58 days!

Made in the UK - trusted by professionals, security agencies and the public

Advanced Features - includes sound alerts by text message and anti-counter surveillance technology to remain hidden

4G Coverage - Works seamlessly with the latest 4G mobile networks and is also compatible with 2G and 3G for reliable connectivity


Introducing the 4G Pro Surveillance Listening Device: Empowering Your Covert Operations with wider Connectivity


The 4G Pro Surveillance Listening Device combines advanced surveillance features with the power of 4G network connectivity. With its extended network compatibility, this device ensures seamless operation across a broader range of networks and countries, enabling you to gather critical intelligence from virtually anywhere on the globe.


Global 4G Network Connectivity: The 4G Pro device is equipped with 4G network compatibility, enabling it to function across multiple networks and countries. Whether you're operating domestically or venturing into international territories, this device keeps you connected to mobile networks, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and real-time data transmission.


Enhanced Coverage and Stability: With 4G connectivity, the 4G Pro Surveillance Listening Device offers enhanced coverage and signal stability. Experience a stronger and more reliable connection, minimising the risk of signal dropouts and maximising your surveillance effectiveness. No matter the location or environmental conditions, this device delivers a seamless and uninterrupted surveillance experience.


Real-Time Audio Streaming: Stay one step ahead with the 4G Pro's real-time audio streaming capabilities. Through its 4G network connectivity, the device enables you to listen to live audio feeds remotely. Access the device from your smartphone and instantly hear what's happening in the target location, even when you're miles away. This feature allows for timely decision-making and swift response to unfolding situations.


Versatile Deployment Options: The 4G Pro Surveillance Listening Device offers versatile deployment options to suit various surveillance scenarios. From discreet placement in a room to covert mounting on vehicles or assets, this device adapts effortlessly to your specific needs. Its compact design and flexibility ensure seamless integration into any covert setup, enabling you to gather crucial intelligence.


Extended Battery Life: The 4G Pro device is engineered with an extended battery life, ensuring prolonged surveillance operations without the need for frequent recharging. This feature guarantees that the device remains operational for extended periods, providing you with continuous monitoring capabilities when it matters most.


Secure and Encrypted Communication: Your privacy and the integrity of your data are paramount. The 4G Pro Surveillance Listening Device utilises secure and encrypted communication channels, safeguarding your sensitive information from unauthorised access. This robust security feature ensures that your surveillance activities remain confidential and protected at all times.


The device works similar to a mobile phone: the device itself does not need credit to receive calls. For the optional feature where the device can send you an SMS Sound Alert, the SIM Card in the device would need some credit, which can easily be added online at the network providers top-up website. 


Elevate your surveillance game with the 4G Pro, and gain the upper hand in gathering crucial intelligence from anywhere in the world.

4G Pro Listening Device

SKU: 4GP-01
    • Fully Designed and Manufactured in the UK
    • High Quality Audio Surveillance Device
    • Enhanced Ultra-Clear Audio
    • Global Coverage: 4G, 3G and 2G Network Capabilities in one device!
    • Size: 56 x 38 x 20 mm  (5.6 x 3.8 x  2 cm)
    • Battery Life: Up to 5 days  standby and 15 hrs listening
    • Integrated Micro Sim Card (UK network, PAYG Sim included)
    • Micro Power On Switch
    • Micro USB Charger Port with Charge Indicator 
    • Micro USB Charge cable and Instructions included


    • Certificate of Authentication: Verifies that you have a ProSpyLab authentic product
    • Quality Control Certificate:  Confirms adherence to quality standards.
    • Anti Counter-Surveillance Mode
    • Sound Alerts by SMS
    • Ultra power saving mode (extends battery life up to 75 days)


Why Choose us...

  • Designed and Made in the UK - By our expert team of Engineers

  • Quality Assurance - Each device is fully tested and ready to use

  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty - Included in each purchase

  • Fast Shipping - Free Tracked 24 UK shipping. International options also available. 

  • 14 day returns period - If you are not satisfied 

  • Customer Support - UK based customer support here for you if you have any questions 

  • Professional grade devices at excellent prices - certificate of authentication included

“Worked out of the box, I cannot tell you how pleased we are to get one that works so well.”
The audio is so clear and the reception is great, thank you! I've tried other listening devices in the past, but none compare to the quality I experienced with this device. It's truly remarkable.
“Please send our thanks to support... the advice was spot on”

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